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Heartstrings Revisited

January 4, 2009

We are updating our blogs and moving old blogs to this new sight. Each blog will have the original date it was published. Still great info!

In this issue:

Bryson Taylor Teams up with Hay House for a huge New Year promotion

New Name for Heartstrings Newsletter

New Books, authors and illustrators

Happy New Year and welcome to our newly revised newsletter, Raising Cain formerly known as Heartstrings. Raising Cain is a blog by author Deb Landry and we are renaming the newsletter will have a new format. So not to repeat myself, I will post the links to sites I write for or have been published in for your reading pleasure. Feel free to use my articles as long as you reference me and the site you find it on. The magazine/ezines and websites are listed on the second page of this publication.

We have lots of exciting news, new book releases, new authors, new illustrators and a special offer in this issue so let’s get started.

One BAD Thing

John Goff’s new book, One Bad Thing is a good thing. Since its release in November, it has been flying off the shelves. The book tells the story of when Peter I. Gallagher, the new kid, arrives at Lincoln Middle School; Max Kingsley greets him with his well known, “this is my school” speech. Max’s approach becomes the final straw for bystander John Fog who has been observing Max for many years. When John confronts Max, he challenges John to do “One Bad Thing”. In turn, he will stop bullying kids forever. Intrigued by the deal, John sets out to find the one thing he can do to “save” the school and his classmates from the wrath of Max. Surprisingly John is faced with challenges he never expected.

One Bad Thing is a valuable tool for students, teachers and parents addressing important subject of community, friendship and bullying in a story of acceptance, respect and communication. Check our website for reviews, excerpts from the Foreword written by bestselling author, John F. Eliot, Ph.D. and ordering information.

Snapdragon Princess

McKenzie is an astonishing young girl, who dreams of becoming a Princess. With the help of her grandmother, she embarks on a journey to revive the legend of a real princess in a delightful story of love, enchantment, courage and determination in the tale of The Snapdragon Princess, the magical trunk opened in August 2009 and is still going strong after 10 years.

Book by Kim Parrish and Deb Landry Illustrated by Christina St. Cyr

Bryson Taylor Publishing Teams up with Hay House

What an honor to be part of Hay House and Peggy McColl’s book promotion just in time for all your New Years’ resolutions. Peggy is a bestselling author and one of my mentors in publishing. Hay House ranks on top of my favorite publishing houses. I love everything they publish, I love Louise Hay’s books and everything she touches.

Join a long, long list of our colleagues such as Marci Shimoff and Deepak Chopra who are supporting Peggy on her promotion of a Dog with a Bone, I’ve read it and loved it and you will too! Here’s what Peggy has to say about her book.

Be a Dog with a Bone: Always Go For Your Dreams

By Peggy McColl

Are you ready to decide what you want, grab it, and hold on tightly, like a Dog with a Bone?

If you could find out how to make your dreams come true this year (and every other year for that matter) would you be interested in knowing the easiest and quickest way?

What are your dreams worth to you? Be a Dog with a Bone, the new book by New York Times best- selling author Peggy McColl, will help you determine what your bone is by digging up your dreams and sniffing out your strengths. Come on, your dreams are worth it, you are worth it. 2009 is the year for you to be that dog with a bone, and roll around in the bliss of life!

Go for your dreams and grab your copy of Be a Dog with a Bone: Always Go For Your Dreams right now! This fun, simple, inspiring, and humorous book reveals the profound truths, benefits, and the route to achieve your dreams. the video of Pablo ("the Spokesdog") as he talks about Be a Dog with a Bone:

"My nine dogs and I found inspiration and fun with Be a Dog with a Bone. Each of them thinks Peggy is referring to them. I know she is referring to me."

Patty Duke, Actress

Act now, we have dog treats for everyone—amazing prizes, giveaways, and gifts galore! ALL of them are unique and have never been offered before like this. You've got to check this out:

Be a Dog with a Bone is a very quick read. The pages are filled with anecdotes, humor, cartoons, and practical tools you can immediately implement and benefit from. You'll discover how to:

Grab hold of your dreams and never let go

Teach an old dog new tricks—the tricks of success

Bark for what you want

Drool unto others as you would have them drool unto you

Stop chasing your tail

Keep your nose wet

Be a little dog with a big dog attitude

Go farther even when you feel you have reached the end of your leash

Lap up your success

Plus much more!

Get the dogma for success today—Be a Dog with a Bone—this IS the inside scoop to live your life by. Don't forget, there are treats galore. Go now:

P.S. Purchase Be a Dog with a Bone this week and enter to win a chance to meet Peggy McColl in person and attend the I Can Do It! Conference in Tampa, Florida. Also, Hay House and other special sponsors have generously included a full package of select products that you will receive immediately to help you to achieve your dreams!

P.P.S. Feel free to share this with your friends, and together everyone can lap up their success!

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