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Comments from our Clients

One of my favorite lectures was an overview of retinal imaging by Darrin Landry, CRA, OCT-C. He showed the audience the broad range of imaging technology succeeding the early pioneers of retinal photography and fluorescein angiography. 

– 2015 ASORN Summer Meeting attendee

Your presentation was well-organized, informative, and very engaging.  You also tied it in with clinical practice, recognizing advantages and disadvantages.  This was a clear reflection of your strong clinical background and your continued clinical activity.  I greatly appreciate your willingness to share your fund of knowledge and expertise with us.  I know the residents will remember this talk as they progress in their training.  
-Jean E Ramsey MD MPH
Associate Professor of Ophthalmology and Pediatrics
Vice Chair of Education and Program Director
Boston Medical Center
Great course! Very enjoyable and knowledgeable speaker.
-Ophthalmic Technician, Portland, ME

Excellent instruction, great photos, and very enlightening lectures! This is the best seminar I have ever been to! Please come back!
-Ophthalmic Technician/Photographer, Boston, MA

The instructor took time to explain in detail when requested, and answered questions very well. Very clear, a sharp, articulate lecturer. Great presentation! Thank you!
– Administrator, Andover College, Portland, ME

Thanks again for all your help. You are a great teacher, we all  appreciated your
patience and knowledge you shared with us.
-Ophthalmic Photographer, Fresno, CA

Your presentations at the Annual Meeting were well received, and your  contributions are very appreciated by us all.
Ophthalmic Photographers’™ Society, 2001

Very nice presentation, lecture was fun. Great review, went too quickly, I learned
a lot.
OPS Mid Year Meeting, St. Louis, MO

Nice, informative talk…great troubleshooting tips…always illuminating…great job!
CE & Ski, Dartmouth Medical Center, NH

Lectures were  excellent….delivery was superb, the information was concise,    and  interaction with the attendees was perfect.
OPS Mid Year Meeting, New York City

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