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Deb Landry is an American author, philanthropist, humanitarian, businesswoman,  podcast host, and activist for children’s rights who is passionate about social awareness, raising resilient children, women and girl empowerment.  As an author, she has published several children’s books and her best-selling, award-winning memoir, Independence, A Memoir of Secrets, Discovery, and Forgiveness. 


Deb is the co-founder, President-Chairman of the Board and Executive Director of Crossroads Youth Center, a 501-c3 nonprofit organization, and serves as president of her consulting and management company, Bryson Taylor Inc. 


Deb knows first-hand how childhood trauma can psychologically affect the growth of youth and has spent over twenty-two years in her nonprofit focusing on developmental education to raise resilient and respectful youth. She empowers and mentors young women to invest in their future by finding their passion, volunteering, and getting involved in their community. 


Deb speaks on issues such as bullying prevention, safe school climates, character education, domestic violence, recreational DNA testing, forgiveness, and women empowerment. She authored the Crown CARES volunteer program (Creating A Respectful Environment in Society), which bestows over 60,000 hours of service each year across the US and Canada to various charitable organizations by Crossroads members. 


Deb believes and teaches that all women are queens. Whether they wear a crown of rhinestones or an imaginary crown, women are a symbol of strength. They are warriors, champions, survivors, and role models to other women and humanity in general.   


With over 40 years of experience in business administration, management, coaching, consulting, and publishing, Deb specialized in operational and organization management and holds post-graduate certifications in parent coaching, wedding and event planning, and professional image and etiquette consulting. 


Recognized with several awards for her work, they include a Presidential Volunteer Lifetime Achievement Honorary, Rotary’s Paul Harris Award, National Collegiate Director of the Year, UNM Director of the Year, Best in Pageantry Awards for five years in a row from Pageant Planet and the STAR Community Service Award, Deb has been interviewed and featured on NBC, CBS, national radio, and several publications including The Phoenix, USA Weekend Magazine, Raising Maine Magazine, Seventeen Magazine, Women’s Day Magazine, and Child Magazine. 


You can find Deb’s podcast and books at,, or wherever books are sold. Her new book, Summer’s Shadow, will be released in late June 2021. 


Other works include several interactive children’s awareness plays on character education and bullying prevention, best-selling Sticks Stones and Stumped, Yankee Go Home, The Comfort Zone, and Snapdragon Princess with QVC host Kim Parrish. 


Follow Deb on Facebook and Instagram at: 



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