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Deb Landry, author of Raising Cain, est.  2006 is a children’s author, coach, entrepreneur and consultant. She invites readers to join her as she discusses topics on family issues, communication, parenting, relationships and character education. Each blog is filled with key information to assist parents in their biggest and most challenging job, parenting and family living.  Her kind spirit and passion for simplicity is encouraging, direct and reflective. 

Deb’s podcast is coming in the fall of 2019, joined by her husband Darrin. Check back for updates on time and programing. 


Deb and Darrin invite you to Raising Cain,a modern day show that is filled with tidbits of insight, wisdom and common-sense. Join them as they uncover stories surrounding family issues and hurdles, we all face every day. Through discussions and their special guests, discover how to cope and enjoy all areas of your life; whether it is parenting, marriage, relationships or he said/she said conversation in an honest and heartfelt way. Their tidbits will help you remain centered during life's challenges, eliminate tension and the negative roads relationships sometime take us. Raising Cain, pun intended, discovers how to simply, easily, and effectively have a reality shift where you suddenly find yourself lighter, and more attentive in your own life. Listeners will discover that there are no rules to follow or methods to learn. Tune in, you won’t be disappointed, especially if you are looking for tips on living simply with purpose.

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