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PAPERBACK In November of 2014, nearing the thirty-fifth anniversary of the untimely death of her father, Deb learns the devastating news that the man she knew and loved as her biological father was not her DNA match. This unforeseen key unlocked a life-long secret to her inexplicable childhood experiences with a narcissist mother and intensified her four-decade search for understanding of a mother-daughter relationship. 


Independence is a memoir of secrets kept by a mother, discovered by the daughter and a quest to find forgiveness and acceptance for the unknown. 


This heartfelt story of one woman’s journey unfolds as she uncovers the motive of her mother’s bizarre and unpredictable behavior and secrets.


Independence delves into the impact maternal emotional and psychological abuse has on a child’s life and how interrupted adolescent development sends a child to escape inward, resulting in developing negative internal messages of shame, fear, and never feeling good enough. 


This poignant narration reveals a child’s resilience and an adult’s quest to find solace,  and the true meaning of family.


Book  is  available   in paperback, Kindle and on

Independence, A Memoir of Secrets Discovery& Forgiveness


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