Providing a safe and bully free environment for School-Age Child Care featuring Yankee Go Home, children’s play:

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ISBN 978-0-9773738-1-9

Yankee Go Home workbook and interactive play, which is included in this book, allows a setting where children can learn and openly discuss sensitive issues whether they are the victim, bystander or bully through drama and art based activities. With the guidance of watchful adults, students can talk about solutions, role play and express their feelings in a safe and non threatening environment.The Comfort Zone is designed to raise awareness of bullying and harassment prevention in any school-age childcare programs, schools and classrooms. The book provides the knowledge and practical advice necessary to incorporate steps and measures to create a safe and bully free COMFORT ZONE.

Yankee is an inquisitive and rambunctious poodle who learns an essential lesson when he ventures out of the backyard into the unkind world of bullying and teasing. This charming illustrated tale sends a clear and powerful message for parents and children in relation to staying home alone, safe places, bullying and harassment. 
Yankee Go Home encourages safe afterschool care to allow children to play and make friends under the watchful eye of adults. It allows parents to be confident that their children are safe while protected from loneliness and isolation. 


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First Published: 2008

The Comfort Zone

  • Deb Landry is the author of the bestselling, award winner children's book ,Sticks Stones and Stumped and authored Yankee Go Home, The Snapdragon Princess with Kim Parrish, and The Comfort Zone with Meline Kevorkian Ed.D.,and Robin D'Antona, Ed.D.


    As a parenting coach specializing in social awareness behaviors and character education, she has authored several interactive children's mentoring plays and articles on character education, social awareness, and bullying prevention including The Crown CARES, a peer based anti-bullying program for schools and colleges, utilized internationally for the USA National Miss Scholarship Organization and several other pageant systems. She was part of the team that authored the Maine State Best Practices in Bullying and Harassment Prevention Manual and lobbied for the legislation in the State of Maine in 2005.


    Deb is the co-founder, President/Chairman of the Board and former Executive Director of Crossroads Youth Center, a 501 c3 nonprofit art based scholarship program and the President/CEO of Bryson Taylor Inc. a consulting firm and publishing company. She promotes character education and scholarship opportunities for young women throughout the US and Canada.

    With recognition and several awards for her work including Director of the Year 2012, 2016, #2 State Director of the Year and #2 State Pageant nationally, two years in a row, Deb has been interviewed and featured on NBC, CBS, national radio, and several publications including The Phoenix, USA Weekend Magazine, Raising Maine Magazine, Seventeen Magazine, Women's Day Magazine, and Child Magazine. Some of her articles can be found at 

     Her books are available at Bryson Taylor Publishing, Amazon, Barnes and Noble or at any store where books are sold.

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    Dr. Robin D’Antona is a certified Olweus Bullying Prevention Program trainer, a founding member, and current President of the International Bullying Prevention Association, Author Robin D’Antona, Ed.D., organizes the association’s national conferences, conducts training and workshops for school administrators, teachers, parents, athletic coaches and early childhood educators, as well as works with school districts across the country to initiate bullying prevention in their schools. She is the author of 101 Things About Bullying Everyone Should Know About Bullying, and The Comfort Zone: Providing a Bully-Free Environment for School-Age Child Care both available at Bryson-Taylor Publishing. Dr. D’Antona firmly believes that all children should feel safe and be free from bullying and has dedicated her career to that end. She offers a variety options that addresses all the many variations of bullying including, cyberbullying and relational bullying. These include: 

    The Comfort Zone Seminars
    These seminars give teachers, early childhood education providers, school counselors, coaches, school-age childcare practitioners and parents the tools they need to create a safe school and sports environment. The Comfort Zone seminars provide:
    Resources to share with and empower parents, coaches, and school staff
    Intervention messages that tell students their bullying behavior is unacceptable
    Methods of “fostering courage” and using “good bystanders” to help identify bullying
    Strategies and curriculum-related activities to help children deal with   bullying

    Bullying Awareness Workshops
    Bullying awareness workshops begin the process of bullying prevention by inspiring parents and the community to start a program in the classroom or pre-school, on the sports field, or anywhere bullying is a concern.

    The Olweus Bullying Prevention Program (OBPP)*
    OBPP is a three-day, system-wide approach that teaches school administrators and staff ways to reduce bullying in elementary, middle and high schools, and improve peer relationships. OBPP components work at four levels: 
    Parents, Teachers and Community: involving parents and the larger community in supporting the bullying prevention initiative
    School-wide: including a survey to assess the prevalence of bullying; a school-wide Bullying Prevention Committee to direct the program; and a comprehensive system to supervise students
    Classroom/Child care programs: including establishing classroom rules; holding classroom meetings to discuss bullying issues and encourage pro-social behaviors; and meeting with parents to encourage their involvement
    Individual: including interventions with the students involved in bullying behavior, the victims and the bystanders

    *OBPP is a research-based bullying prevention program with 30 years of quantitative data documenting its effectiveness. It is approved as a model program by national and federal groups and agencies, including: The Center for Substance Abuse Prevention (CSAP); The Blueprints for Violence Prevention Project (University of Colorado); The Federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) 

    Consulting and Custom Made Programs
    Dr. D’Antona works with the school superintendent, principals and/or teachers to determine the most appropriate program elements for building a safe, bullying-free environment.

    Book signings, Keynotes and Author Visits
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    Meline Kevorkian

    Meline Kevorkian, Ed.D. as seen on the TODAY Show; is the author of Preventing Bullying: Helping Kids Form Positive Relationships and Six Secrets for Parents to Help Their Kids Achieve in School. 

    Currently she is the Executive Director of Academic Review at Nova Southeastern University. She serves as a Board Member of the International Bullying Prevention Association, and as a columnist for The Miami Herald (Broward). 

    Meline presents regularly on best practices in bullying prevention, cyber bullying, as well as numerous topics facing educators, parents and students in today's schools. Her experience includes teaching and administrative positions in both public and private schools from preschool through the university level. 

    Her research focuses on best practices in bullying prevention, school safety and academic achievement. She has been featured on NBC, WSVN, Mom Talk Radio, WLRN Public Television,, and the National PTA.


    Christina St. Cyr was born and raised in New England. Inspired by the sights, sounds and colors of Coastal Maine where she lives with her husband and two daughters, Christina lends her artistic abilities to a variety of projects including graphic design, painting and culinary arts. Additionally, she is the Creative Services Manager for a network of websites and the founder/president of Pure Graphics Designs and Illustrations. Christina enjoys time with her family, balancing work with a passion for fitness and time with friends. If you are ever on the coast of Maine, you may catch her kayaking or digging for clams along the beaches that inspire so much of her work.

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