When you think of pageants, what pops in your mind? Most people tend to think negatively of pageantry as a whole, and the pageant industry has certainly done it’s share in perpetrating the negative stereotypes. But there’s so much more to pageants than shiny crowns, ballgowns, curled hair and fake lashes. Step inside a whole new world by immersing yourself in stories that will restore your faith in pageantry and make you realize that “pageant” is not a dirty word. This feel-good collection of stories, insight and wisdom detailing all the good that comes from pageants will shatter perceptions and open your eyes to what all pageant girls already know: pageantry can change lives for good! And when something’s good, you want to share it. To those who are not in the pageant world, they may not see any redeeming qualities in pageantry. Positive Pageantry shines a light on the self-improvement, goal achievement, community impact and immense life skills that come from pageantry… and so much more. Get the whole scoop here! Through real life stories from real beauty queens, to thought-provoking insight from one of America’s most respected pageant directors, you will journey through the triumph and impacts that pageantry is championing in the lives of young women worldwide.

Positive Pageantry