There’s no such thing as a biblical guide book for beauty queens, until now. Although it seems as though faith and pageantry are incompatible, your faith should be a part of every facet of your life… even your queen life! You can achieve a life changing and victorious reign – one where you walk in purpose and use the crown for God’s glory, while enjoying the incredible journey of being a titleholder. Being a pageant girl with strong faith is a balancing act that demands the most equipped queens, who are empowered to make an impact. Through the 30 principles found in this devotional, you will discover not just life changing wisdom, but reign changing knowledge to guide you as you make your time as queen one that inspires others and leaves a legacy. Through Biblical insight, real life stories, and impactful and thought-provoking daily reflection, you will learn that the real victory is not in winning the crown, but in impacting others through it. And this devotional will guide you every step of the way. This devotional is specifically geared toward young women in pageantry, to inspire you to wear your crown with a God-given purpose and shine His light through your shiny hat. Jackie B. Watson is the founder and CEO of USA National Miss Scholarship Pageant, one of America’s most prestigious pageant systems, and author of Winning The Crown, Spotlight or God’s Light, Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Pageantry and The Queen Code. This four-time national award winning pageant director has changed the culture of pageantry with her mantra of positive pageantry, coupled with an insatiable desire to inspire and empower young women while sharing her faith through nationwide “Girl Chats.” As a former professional journalist, Jackie’s news stories made headlines in many newspapers, magazines and online news wires nationwide. Despite her professional accomplishments, this proud mom counts her two kids as her biggest life accomplishments, having raised her son Jacob and daughter Kayla to love Jesus as much as she does, and pursue the God given desires in their hearts.

Crowned, A Pageant Girl's Devotional